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I started to make jewellery for myself as I couldnt find affordable pieces that were different and yet made of good quality natural stones and precious metals. This is the launch of my Daemon Jewellery range. I will add to it as an idea takes shape and I can find the stones and beads. No design will be repeated.

Stunning designer jewellery hand made, using Sterling Silver, Vermeil and high quality Thai Silver with natural gemstones and pearls.487583 260629660737058 1213402953 n

Each unique piece of Daemon Jewellery is hand made from top quality metal and gemstone. Each is a carefully crafted and designed to be very wearable. Every piece is a one off  design. You will never meet someone wearing the same item!

Materials used include Sterling Silver and Thai Silver ( 99% pure silver). Gold beads and findings are Vermeil,  24 ct Gold thickly plated ( 2.5 microns) over Sterl
ing Silver.  

We do not use any base metals including Tibetan silver or silver or gold plate over base metal. The gem stones are natural, unique pieces not man made. Beads are threaded onto Tiger tail, or Acculon for Strength. All photographs are taken in natural light and are not colour enhanced. Payments by Pay pal welcomed.